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Bach Flower Essence Remedies is inspired by the dedicated work and research of Dr. Edward Bach, a pioneer in the field of mind body medicine.  Bach’s life was dedicated to finding effective, natural and non toxic remedies for his patients.  He discovered a new branch of healing based on the flowers of the fields and forest. His work has made a lasting positive impact on the lives of many people.

Worldwide Reputation

Bach flower remedies are widely used throughout the world. Over the last 70 years many people have been drawn to use flower essences to treat a variety of health challenges. Their reputation for safety and effectiveness has lead their use in schools, hospitals and hospices.

Healing Herbs and the Bach Legacy

All of the remedies featured on this site have been prepared by Julian Barnard. He is the founder and director Healing Herbs Ltd which has done an excellent job of keeping true to Bach’s work and preserving his legacy. Healing Herbs Ltd. is known for creating pure and potent remedies.  Many practitioners feel the remedies Julian creates carry a clear and strong vibration. This has led to them being the Bach remedies of choice  when compared to other commercially available brands. I am grateful to Mr. Barnard for keeping true to Bach’s work.

All flower photos of the Bach remedies are courtesy of Healing Herbs Ltd.