Self Help Guide

Learn how to easily choose Bach remedies for yourself and family.

 Bach Remedies were designed to be used by anyone. Dr. Bach’s vision was to have a system which anyone could use to treat and heal themselves. Our aim is to further this vision by supporting you with a step by step break down of the 38 remedies.  By presenting the remedies in their 3 main sections you can go through each section and choose the remedies that best address your concerns.

Focus and Awareness

Your initial motivation to use flower essences is what I will call the Entry Point this will determine what your first treatment bottle will contain. Remember to always keep your Entry Point in mind when choosing essences, this will help you to maintain your focus. To help you maintain the awareness of treatment, you can draw a large circle on a piece of paper.  In the middle of the circle write down what it is you are addressing.

A detailed description of the 3 remedy categories is available in our store.

Which of the 12 Healers best suits you?

Bach classified The Twelve Healers as “Type” remedies.  Type remedies describe what kind of person you are.  There will be at least one essence from this group that you resonate with. You may feel you have more than one type remedy based on the essence descriptions. But, if you examine  the description closely you will find one that is most dominant. This is not to say you will not benefit from more than one of The Twelve Healers.  But there is one that you will benefit from the most.

How can the Seven Helpers help you?

The Seven Helpers are remedies that address long standing chronic conditions. There may be one or more remedies from this group that will assist you.
The Seven Helpers relate to issues of daily life, related to traumas and reactive emotional states.  The states of imbalance these remedies address are very prevalent. One can easily find more than one essence from this group for your treatment bottle.

The Second Nineteen to address present concerns.

The Second Nineteen are remedies related to more acute and present circumstances or traumas.  The remedies in this category cover a wide area offering you many choices from this group.  The remedies in this group address behaviors that can be seen as habits or states of being that are based on a recent event.

Categories to Examine

Strengthening essences are a good place to start no matter where you are. Strengthening essences are useful to boost your morale, confidence and joy.  Remedies in this category are especially important if you are in a place of despair or despondency.  Some essences to look at include: Mimulus, Clematis, Larch, Wild Rose, Olive, Cerato, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Mustard.

Flexibility essences do you feel you need more flexibility in your approach to life. Do you see the areas where you are stuck, hold resentment or unable to accept?  Rock Water, Willow, Vervain, Vine, Impatiens, Water Violet, Beech, Scleranthus.

Clearing essences for treating trauma include, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut, Holly, Willow, Beech, Mustard, Pine, Gorse,
Clematis, Rock Rose, Aspen, Crab Apple, Honeysuckle, White Chestnut, Agrimony

Rebuilding essences help us to re-orient when we have been out of balance with life. Elm, Oak, Olive, Chestnut bud, Wild Oat, Chicory, Red Chestnut, Heather, Hornbeam.

All in all if you end up with 3-7 essences you are off to a good start.  Avoid the tendency to try and treat everything at once.  Start with the first layer work slowly.  Flower essences are potent and you can get a lot of healing accomplished by keeping it simple and building consistently.

Dosage and How to Use Essence:
Combine your essences into a single dosage bottle.  You can do this by formulating your own dosage bottle on via the “Your Personal Bottle” selection in the product menu section. Or you can purchase individual stock bottles and make your own dosage solution.

Daily Dosage:
I suggest a simple regiment of 3 drops 3 times a day.  Preferred times to use them are first thing in the morning and just before bed. You can also use them topically, in a bath or in a spray that you mist yourself with.  At a rate of 3 drops 3 times a day your dosage bottle will last 4 weeks.  At the end of your bottle re-examine your situation to determine the next step in your essence treatment cycle.

Consistency is Key
When using essences it is important to remember consistency carries more weight than quantity. The benefits you receive have more to do with how often you use your dosage bottle not how many essences are in the bottle.

Keep an Objective View Point:
The biggest challenge to self treatment with flower essences is being able to see our own blind spots.  This is often where lack of results shows up when treating yourself.  The fact of the matter is a others can see us more objectively than we see ourselves. Approach yourself and your process of discovery as objectively as possible this is key to successful self treatment. If you find it hard to be objective ask others for their point of view.