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Agrimony Flower Essence helps one to achieve emotional honesty with oneself. This remedy is key for achieving inner peace by working through emotional pain. It assists in revealing our true internal feeling state, one not masked by cheerfulness and superficial gestures. This essence helps us to move from a state of pretend harmony to lasting inner peace. It is helpful for those who turn to drugs and alcohol to mask inner pain.

Aspen Flower Essence  
If you tend to be overly sensitive and experience unexplained fears, phobias and anxieties, Aspen flower may be indicated. People who benefit most from this remedy have active imaginations that, when compounded with sensitivity, can lead to irrational fears and apprehension. Aspen fosters confidence and fearlessness. It does this by harmonizing highly sensitive psychic forces with more conscious awareness. This builds trust–rather than fear–of the unknown and spiritual world. Aspen eases the paranoid mind and supports the clear perception of intuitive

Beech Flower Essence  helps ease the overly critical mind.  A “Beech state” is characterized by judgment, intolerance and being hyper critical of the world and self.  This type of acrid behavior leads to fault-finding and negative states. Beech encourages tolerance and acceptance of different points of view, people and situations. It helps you find the good in circumstances, others and yourself.

Centaury Flower Essence is for the person who lacks clear boundaries and the ability to say ‘No’. Centaury types are weak willed and act to please others while neglecting their own needs. Centaury flower essence helps one to establish clear boundaries and strengthen the sense of self. It supports one to stay true to themselves and serve from a place of inner strength.

Cerato Flower Essence treats lack of confidence and belief in self, caused by distrusting and being out of touch with our intuition and inner voice. If you constantly seek advice from others, Cerato can help you to reconnect with your inner guidance. The out of balance state is characterized by a hunger for information and advice but never applying it. Cerato flower essence corrects this by imbuing confidence in your ability to make decisions and trust your intuition.

Cherry Plum Flower Essence  is helpful when you feel you are at a breaking point, experiencing great suffering and are about to lose control. You may also find you’re trying desperately to control feelings. Cherry plum is a light-filled essence that promotes growth and calmness while dealing with inner turmoil and it is one of the 5 flowers in Rescue Remedy.

Chestnut Bud Flower Essence helps you learn and integrate life lessons. This is particularly useful if you are constantly repeating the same mistakes over and over, yet not learning from them. This essence will help you integrate your lessons and learn from your mistakes.

Chicory Flower Essence is useful if you tend to be overly demanding, needy and attempt to get attention through negative, manipulative, self centered behavior, Chicory flower essence may be of assistance. Chicory is an ally in helping you to cultivate selfless love. Chicory supports you to give love freely and to respect the freedom and individuality of others.

Clematis Flower Essence  Are you a daydreamer who avoids the present moment? Clematis will support you in staying awake and present. It ushers in clarity of consciousness and brings awareness clearly to the present moment. Clematis helps bring greater clarity and awareness to life and help you take more practical action.

Crab Apple Flower Essence  is a cleanser and brings a sense of inner purity. This remedy helps steady obsessive compulsive behavior as well as obsessions with perceived imperfections. It helps alleviate the emotional tension of feeling unclean, which can lead to germ phobia as well as an unhealthy focus on fasting and internal cleanliness. Use this essence proactively while cleansing and fasting to assist with deeper purification. Crab apple is also a great skin cleanser and helps with rashes or irritations.  It also settles an upset stomach.

Elm Flower Essence helps you steady yourself while in service so you do not give more than your limit.  This essence supports you while you accomplish your tasks in a balanced manner. If you are feeling overwhelmed or unprepared for the tasks at hand, Elm will keep you poised.

Gentian Flower Essence enhances, perseverance, confidence and faith. This essence teats despondency that can arise after a minor set back. Such as when things are going well but a glitch is thrown in the mix. The setback is usually only temporary but it leads to feelings of failure. This important remedy can help you stay positive as you move towards a goal or other big project. The optimism it fosters is a boon to success.

Gorse Flower Essence is a powerful remedy for treating pessimism; or, to a greater degree, a complete sense of hopelessness. If you see no point in trying because you lack faith in a positive resolution, this remedy will build optimism. Gorse supports a sunnier outlook on life and is useful for people who have been ill for a while and feel there is no hope for recovery.

Heather Flower Essence The person who may benefit from using heather is often unconscious of their behavior and thus friends and family may be key in the self-discovery process. Heather fosters tranquility and emotional self sufficiency in the lonely and self-absorbed person. If you are overcome with a need to talk about yourself constantly to everyone you meet, heather may be indicated.  After using this remedy, you may find that you are more at ease with yourself and able to enjoy inner solitude.

Holly Flower Essence is an excellent remedy to treat anger, jealousy and envy. It is helpful if something in your personality prevents you from experiencing happiness. This can be very corrosive when left unchecked. Holly is also helpful for treating bitterness and suspicion, which corrupts the ability to love. This essence engenders compassion in the heart and soul, enhancing the ability to love inclusively. This is a tremendously powerful remedy that helps you feel and channel love through your heart and extend it to others. Dr. Bach felt Holly was one of the most important and widely applicable remedies.

Honeysuckly Flower Essence  helps you be more present, especially when there is a longing for the past–the “good old days.”  This longing can prevent you from being fully in the moment and accepting life as it is. Honeysuckle helps you gain a greater interest in the now while engaging emotionally with the present.

Hornbeam Flower Essence treats weariness the “Monday morning” feeling that can sometimes linger past Monday morning. Hornbeam also treats mental lethargy and the physical fatigue. This exhaustion often happens when we engage in unfulfilling actions; the weariness is an avoidance pattern.  Hornbeam helps you reclaim your “Joie de vivre” and restores dynamic mental and physical energy. This is a wonderful essence to stimulate full engagement in life so you have the strength to face tasks with greater enthusiasm.

Impatiens Flower Essence treats impatience. If you are tense, feel pressured by time and are unhappy with the pace of others, you need this remedy. Further indications that impatiens would support your emotional growth: you tend to talk, eat and drive fast; anger quickly and have a fiery temper. Impatiens can be of great benefit if you rush through your days. This remedy enhances the ability to slow down and enjoy the flow of life.  It treats general irritation and intolerance helping you embrace life and circumstances with greater ease and flexibility.                           

Larch Flower Essence  is wonderful for helping us to overcome fear of failure. It builds our confidence with verbal expression helping us to voice our needs where we previously felt stifled. Larch is a wonderful essence for building self confidence. It helps one to overcome feelings of being second class or not good enough.  Those needing this essence generally have the ability but lack the confidence to advance in life, due to feeling of inferior.

Mimulus Flower Essence helps build courage and confidence to face the challenges of life.  This essence is indicated for fears of known things, small phobias and apprehension when facing daily challenges. It is great for those who imagine a situation to be more challenging than it really is. Mimulus assists us when facing new situations, helping to free us from anxiety and worry.

Mustard Flower Essence is a great flower essence for overcoming apathy and depressed states of being.  Especially when the apathy or depression seems to come from out of nowhere, like a dark cloud has descended. This essence also helps to lift the dark clouds of grief and melancholy. It is very beneficial for Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) . This essence fosters emotional equilibrium between despair and joy. It helps one move through states of sadness knowing the joy of life will return. Helpful for the saddened heavy heart.

Oak Flower Essence helps us find the balance between work and rest. Oak helps us to know our limits and stay within the boundaries of what is possible without putting our health in jeopardy. Overwork is a common issue in today’s world, which can often lead to stress and a myriad of health complaints. Oak helps us to know when enough is enough and take breaks in order to relax and rejuvenate our bodies and spirit. Oak is for those struggle with their workload due to the inordinate amount of work they take on.

Olive Flower Essence builds strength and endurance after physical or mental exertion. Olive is for deep exhaustion and weariness which makes daily effort seem difficult.  Those who need this remedy feel as if they have little strength and whose daily life is hard and brings little pleasure.

Pine Flower Essence is for treating all matters related to guilt. Guilt can take many forms in the personality; from self blame, self criticism to an actual inability to accept oneself. Use Pine for any of the above negative personality traits and to accentuate self acceptance, self forgiveness and to free yourself from inappropriate guilt and blame.

Red Chestnut Flower Essence  is indicated for over concern for the well being of others. Concern for close friends and family is natural. And, Red Chestnut is for when it becomes obsessive worry and unhealthy fear. Red Chestnut fosters a compassionate trust when considering the welfare of others.

Rock Rose Flower Essence fosters, great courage and grounded presence when facing catastrophic situations. This essence helps one to stay centered and remain grounded to effectively deal with challenging circumstances.

Rock Water Flower Essence is an essence of solarized spring water. It imparts the essential qualities of water: flexibility, receptivity and spontaneity. Those needing this remedy hold themselves and others to rigid standards, are inflexible in their attitudes and are bound to routine and regulations. This is a great essence for fostering more ease in our approach life.

Scleranthus Flower Essence
is useful when we feel torn and can’t make up our mind. Scleranthus can help you tap into your inner knowing fostering decisiveness and inner resolve when making choices. It also helps with chronic ambiguity and hesitation.

Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence is a powerful remedy for addressing recent or past traumas. Its deeply soothing and comforting energy fosters wholeness, unity and relief from the most troubling of situations.

Sweet Chestnut Flower Essence  is indicated for times of deep pain and agony accompanied by feelings of despair and loneliness. Feelings like this are likened to the ‘dark night of the soul’ when the soul is tested by periods of dark despair. This essence fosters spiritual depth, instilling faith that we can overcome adversity through spiritual communion.

Vervain Flower Essence  The need for Vervain is common in today’s world. The need is characterized by the Type A personality and those we are afflicted with  ‘righteous indignation’ and overbearing fanaticism with their belief system. Vervain flower essence balances this intense energy helping those to approach life with more tolerance and learn the practice of moderation between work and play.

Vine Flower Essence is indicate for the tyrannical type. Those who are domineering and seek to subjugate others to boost their ego. The balanced aspect of Vine and what this essence fosters is selfless service and recognition of others individuality. The balanced Vine state is more in touch with their spirituality which serves as a inner authority.

Walnut Flower Essence  is the main essence to use in times of change. Because it helps us to break free from the past and move forward with confidence. Walnut frees the psyche from past limiting influences helping us make a healthy transition and giving us the courage to follow our path in life. It does this by insulating us from outside influences as well as helping to break the spell of the past.  Walnut is useful during transitions such as moving, changing jobs or careers or at the beginning or ending of relationships.

Water Violet Flower Essence The Water Violet type is a sensitive soul. This sensitivity leads them to remain withdrawn or aloof. They often have many great gifts to share but hold back from doing so. Water violet helps them to open and share their gifts, becoming more inclusive rather than exclusive. This essence helps one learn to connect with others and appreciate social relationships.

White Chestnut Flower Essence treats an overactive mind that reels with mental chatter and repetitive, worrisome thoughts. This remedy is useful at night when mental chatter interferes with the ability to relax, wind down and fall asleep. White Chestnut promotes calm, peace and inner quite, useful before bed.

Wild Oat Flower Essence addresses vocational indecision and confusion, helping us align our outer work with our inner calling. It helps us find what it is we came here to do and to express our calling with purpose and meaning. This essence brings into focus the true calling of the soul, it is a fulcrum essence and can be used in times of indecision, lack of clarity and when we are searching for our purpose.

Wild Rose Flower Essence addresses ambivalence, apathy, resignation and lack of hope. When these qualities become tangled in the personality, a person loses interest in life. This can  be crippling and lead to periods of despair and depression. Wild Rose acts to ignite the quality of joy within the person, helping one to take a renewed interest in the world. It  sparks the will to overcome apathy and ambivalence.

Willow Flower Essence is used to treat resentment, inflexibility, for feelings that life is unfair and we are the victims. Willow fosters flexibility, acceptance and forgiveness. It helps us to take responsibility for our life. Willow restores flexibility to the personality helping to counterbalance feelings of bitterness. This remedy is useful to help us forgive others when we blame them for our problems. It also helpful for treating envy and/or resentment towards others whose success, prosperity or happiness we desire.

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