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Bach Remedies for Anxiety

Bach remedies are popularly used for a variety of challenges related to challenges in regards to stress and anxiety, in fact when used properly this is the area in which the essences excel. A definition of anxiety that I like is; anxiety is a fear of the future, it can be acute, chronic, have a known cause or an unknown cause.  What ever the case may be; Bach flower remedies address the variety of manifestations of anxiety.


Aspen- Has anxiety descended for an unknown reason? Do you find your self feeling edgy unsteady and generally fearful yet can’t pinpoint what is causing the unrest? Aspen is for those souls who are refined, sensitive souls whose highly refined perception and rich inner life can lead to feelings of anxiety for no known reason.


Mimulus- In contrast to Aspen, mimulus is for anxiety from known reasons. This would be anxiety that results from shyness, from phobias, from known causes. This is such a great remedy for lifting us out of our perceptions of shyness and limitation, as it helps to fortify soul forces to overcome known fears.


Holly- This essence is related to anxiety in and around relationships; in this case the anxiety may take the form of jealousy, envy or suspicion. Holly is like a heart softener that helps it to gently open to greater feelings of universal love and kindness. Holly is great from relationship related anxieties.


Impatiens- You know who you are, the impatient type, most likely this type of anxious impatient person is not even reading this blog. Seriously, this is the fourth paragraph down, who has time to get this far? Well if you have gotten this far and do resonate with this, you might want a little impatiens in your life. It is a blessing for the high strung, anxious, get’r done attitude which leads to uneasy feelings of tension.


Red Chestnut- Oh Red Chestnut, you care so much for those close to and you just fear the worst is going to happen to them. So you fret, you worry and you get anxious. While it may seem like you are doing something, you are just filing your time with fears that most likely will not come to pass. Do you find your self anxious for others? Well you may want to find yourself some Red Chestnut, you’ll be fine.


Rescue Remedy®
All these remedies can be used in combination or for acute situations try adding them to a dosage bottle with a dose of Rescue Remedy®.  This will be a convenient way to get your dose of calm when you need it.  Note: Rescue Remedy® contains impatiens. Also Rescue Remedy® was designed for acute situations and it works best when used in this manner.

Essences for Anxiety

It has come to my attention this case of modern day anxiety, like a dull hum that pulses through the lives and minds of neighbors, friends and colleague.  I would venture to say that the media is implicit in this type of fear mongering as well as politicians and corporations.

It is like there is a doomsday story around every corner and topic with grave implications seem to have more value and have become the status quo. This is particularly important to be aware of as we have now entered 2012, a year with many predictions.  In my view we are at the cusp of a major change that will actually move us towards a more peaceful and harmonious world.   Be steady, face your fears squarely and remember that

. . . serenity, peace, calm and balance are actually the backdrop which frames existence.  What I find particularly disconcerting is how widespread mild anxiety is.  Anxiety is a fear of the future; in the case of modern day anxiety it is a vague fear of the future.  This vague fear seems to me to be encouraged by the media, in a rather titillating fashion.  To live in this state of constant fear and danger is damaging to the immune system and completely shatters ones peace of mind.

In the Bach Flower Remedy system there are a few essences which address fear and anxiety as I have been discussing, here is a list of remedies that may help.

Aspen: This remedy is for unexplainable fears and anxiety that stems from the psyche.  Usually these fears are related to impending evil; something that lurks in the shadows. The characteristic of the fear associated with this remedy is fear of something unexplainable; of something that may happen. It is like fear of potential disaster.

Mimulus: This remedy deals with fear but more in the realm of shyness. It is a fear of known things, such as a fear of flying, driving over bridges etc . . .


Rock Rose: This remedy is for terror and or panic, when fear has escalated to the point of debilitation. This remedy is indicated for a state called a ‘panic attack’ at times when one is paralyzed by fear.

There seems to be an assumption that we need this type of fear, that it keeps us vigilant and without it we may fall victim to another attack.  It is promoted as a pseudo security measure. One can be vigilant, watchful and aware without falling victim to unnecessary fear and anxiety.
With peace and good will I wish you a Happy New Year.