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Holly and Pine Two Flower Essences for the Season

Winter has finally arrived and the holiday season is upon us. Since ancient times certain plants have played an important role in winter celebrations. And, one of the most notable of holiday trees happens to be a Bach remedy, Pine.  The Pine tree’s green presence throughout winter makes it a symbol of renewal and it can also bring renewal to human soul by helping to relieve it from debilitating feelings of guilt.

Clearing Guilt
Pine flower essence to clear feelings of guilt and guilt complexes.  By clearing guilt it helps to foster  feelings of love and acceptance for ourselves and for others. By clearing the emotional body of guilt and guilt complexes this essence helps us be open to receiving and accepting praise, compliments and gifts without restraint.

Guilt acts as a form of punishment and living free of guilt complexes and fear of punishment offers us greater emotional freedom. Guilt and fear play upon our lower emotional nature.  As we free ourselves from the shackles of these guilt and fear we create space that allows a greater flow of life affirming emotions.  Which will inevitably have a positive impact on all parts of our li

Opening to Love
Holly flower essenceaddresses hard heartedness a condition exemplified by Ebenezer Scrooge. This essence is a heart opening gift. Pointing us towards seeing and feeling the stream of love that we live in and that supports and sustain life. According to Dr. Bach “Holly opens the heart and unites us with Divine love.”


Holly Flower Essence softens the heart and eases feelings of jealousy, anger and discontent. Discontent can gives us the feeling that our emotions are poisoned. When this happens holly can help us to get in touch with the warmth in our hearts and help us express this as good will towards others.

These two flower essences are remarkable for fostering Acceptance and Love, emotional gifts to be embraced. Learning to love and accept ourselves gives a gift to the world, for these qualities make us better people. The gifts we truly have and can infinitely give is ourselves and our ability to spread good will.

Bach Remedies for Clearing Anger

A key aspect to the Abundance process as an internal process is the clearing of energy and emotions from the liver.  In a holistic sense abundance has everything to do with being on our path,having direction in life and clearing out feeling of anger and frustration.  The liver is the largest organ in the body, it works hard day and night processing toxins from the environment and self generated emotional toxins.  In the Chinese medical system the liver is responsible for direction, life purpose and holds the emotions of resentment, rage, anger and bitterness.

With this new awareness lets look at the negative emotions associated with the liver and what you can do to help move forward. Resentment is a highly toxic emotion and major impediments on our path of right livelihood and general well being.  Resentment is anger which is stuck in the past.  It is common for resentment to be directed at the wealthy and those better off than us.  This perceived unfairness is a self generated story, which drains our energy and wastes our precious time. This energy could be directed towards our goals.  Bitterness is the active part of resentment, it is how the long held energy gets expressed and over time it can start to dominate the personality.  When bitterness becomes dominant in the personality we lose our connection to grace and gratitude.  Grace and gratitude both keep us connected to the flow of the divine in our lives.

When anger is not expressed it can easily turn to rage.  Rage clouds our vision and prevents us from seeing situations clearly.  Anger and rage can be used as fuel on our path.  In the tantric system goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance loves to receive our rage and anger as an offering.  This speaks to the potential alchemy of emotions, how anger and rage can be transformed into something beauty.

The emotions we are talking about all block the flow of liver chi, stagnant liver chi prevents us from moving forward in ways that we would like. There are a few key Bach essences that help to transform the emotions of resentment, bitterness, anger and rage.