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How to use Bach Flowers when un-employed or under employed?

The great thing about flower remedies is that they can be used to address and adjust the emotions we feel around a variety of topics and situations including employment.

So you were laid off and you are looking for work and you want some energetic support, because honestly every bit helps. An uplifted mind, spirit and consciousness can only help. Of course I cannot guarantee you will find employment if you use the remedies but you can at least use them as emotional support tools as you do what you need to in order to find work.

Here are a handful of remedies to give a you boost:

Wild Rose
Wild Oat
Cherry Plum

These essences all work with different categories of emotional challenges due to un-employment and the search for a job.  These categories are:

  • Faith
  • Confidence
  • Tenacity
  • Fearlessness
  • Hope
  • Internal Alignment
  • Steadiness

Essences address the internal reality, the feeling states and emotions. And, it is from this place that we create our experience; the frame we give our situation determines our situation on the feeling level. There is an external reality and an internal reality, there are many variables in the external world and to try and control them is a losing battle. But, we do have control over our internal states and that is where our power truly exists, not outside of us. Lets now take a deeper look at how to use the essences to support us for employment.

Larch- The essence for confidence, Larch address the fear of failure, use when feeling down on your luck and you need a confidence boost.

Wild Rose- This essence will help you stick with it and remain tenacious; wild rose dispels apathy and resignation.

Wild Oat- This essence fosters greater career clarity, very good to use when feeling ambivalent about your career and you would like to find work that is in alignment with your soul.

Mimulus- This essence is useful for times when we feel resigned in the face of a challenge. It address fear of the known that manifest as resignation.

Walnut- This essence is useful for times when making changes; it helps you to leave the old behind and move forward un-encumbered. This is great when we need to act free from outside influences and to shake the voices of the past.

Cherry Plum- This is a soul soothing remedy useful those under severe mental and emotional stress, it will address the deep fear of losing control. Cherry plum is amazing for stabilizing the mind and emotions when it is being stretched due to adversity and extreme stress.  This helps with spiritual surrender and fostering deep faith in feelings of guidance and protection from a Higher Power.

Elm- This is for feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, that leads to stress with the potential towards breakdown. Elm will help you to shoulder your tasks effectively, use this remedy when you feel you may break from pressure of you strain.

Gentian- FAITH, CONFIDENCE, PERSEVERANCE, these are the three key words to for this essence. Gentian is an antidote to discouragement.

Gorse- Pessimism is a poison, it will taint your entire world view and your ability to believe in a positive outcome. Gorse fosters optimism, conviction and hope in a positive outcome.

I wish you the very best in finding the remedies you need to adequately deal with the challenges you face. May the essences support you in your mission and bring the light of hope into the dark, dispel the shadows of doubt and quell fears of the mind.  Dr. Edward Bach had a deep abiding faith and lived his life with providence; may the grace of the remedies he has brought to us infuse your life with similar qualities.



Bach Remedies for Inertia

Flower essences are excellent tools for addressing the feeling of inertia.  When inertia creeps in on us it can manifest in a variety of ways. Such as despondency, listlessness, apathy and low motivation to name a few.  The common term for this feeling is being in a rut.  Whatever the underlying factors are that lead to inertia there are many essences that can help. The essences are useful for helping to get going, feel more in touch with life and improve our general outlook.  Below is a simple combination remedy to help you get your pep back.

Inertia Combination Remedy

Wild Rose- vital re-attachment to life

Gorse-this essence is useful when we are faced with an illness or other unfortunate situation; helps us to maintain faith and hope.

Olive-helpful for treating exhaustion

Hornbeam- overcoming weariness

Elm-useful for when we feel we’ve reached a breaking point and can go no further

Gentian-this essence is great for strength, confidence and perseverance especially after a set back.

These remedies can be used alone or made into a combination. They all help to spark the will, support confidence, strengthen resolution and move stagnant energies in the system.